Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet Preggo Woman

Pregnants women are Sweet. - m4w - 38
Reply to: pers-357935582@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-06-22, 12:40PM MDT

I been with one, i choose seek for another sweet preggo woman to have a nsa relationship,i am very good on what i do, i can be generou$ ... or only a good friend .e-mail me for more.

Complete is Party wrote:


i'm sara and i'm 2 months pregnant. i'm not really showing yet and hope that isn't a problem. i recently read that having sex while pregnant is the best time to do it, because your senses are heightened. i would really like to try. don't worry i'm not married or anything, the guy who knocked me up is and doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby, which is fine. anyhow, i'm 28 and can send you a pic for trade.

Tom Jones wrote:

hi, thanks for response i am very interested to meet you, the only problem my computer has, i have old version of computer don't have attachment to e-mail a pic, i am planning buy a new computer by middle of next month. let me tell you about myself i am 38 years old part Italian very nice guy, 5'11", 185lb, brown hair and eyes, since i don't have a pic to e-mail you i don't expect you send me one (unless you want to, i don't have problem with that)just describe yourself then if you interested we can meet at coffee shop or a resturant for lunch next week then we go from there.hear you soon, Tom

Complete is Party wrote:

Hello Tom.

This could work perfectly. You sound handsome enough. I've attached a photo of myself, and hope you will like it. I would like to know if you would be willing to fuck me hard and rough? I'm not really interested in keeping this baby and think, with the soft spot and all, if you fuck me hard enough we could solve that problem without having to pay for an abortion. Then you and I both get our kicks and I walk away a clean woman again, instead of the walking host of some unborn bastard child.

Tom Jones wrote:

Hi,you are beautiful, and thanks for your comment. you find a right person i have a big fat cock and i can go as far as you can handle me. what i can do i put a pillow under your butt that make your pussy more accessable to my big cock then i fuck you as hard as i can that might help you miscarry the child, count on me i will help you on that.let's set up something next week.

Complete is Party wrote:

This is perfect! I'm in. Do you have any coat hangers, just to be on the safe side?

Tom Jones wrote:

yes,but it have to be sanitized i bring alcohol too.

Complete is Party wrote:

I would never stick an unsanitized hanger into my vagina. Anyhow, I hope you're serious about this. There are a lot of freaks on Craigslist and I am really excited about this prospect. I don't know much about anatomy, but do you think you could fuck me hard enough to kill the fetus? If so, Let's plan on doing this next week.

Where are you located? Can you host?

Tom Jones wrote:

don't worry i am not a freak, in past i had few girls when i had sex with them i made them little bleedy the reason for that because i was going deep inside but it don't happened for any girls, we can try.i am in south parker rd. i will rent a hotel, where you located?is next tuesday morning good for you to meet?

Complete is Party wrote:

Sounds good. I'm really glad I found you. Will you please punch my uterus while fucking me?

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